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Single Sign-On (SSO) Operations

The Management Portal allows a user to select a previously-purchased Resource, and click the Manage button. This signs the user into your service management dashboard, without requiring them to enter a username and password.

This functionality comes from your RP's implementation of a simple SSO protocol:

1) Azure does a POST on


2) Your RP takes the above parameters and concatenates them with a secret that only you know, and performs a SHA-256 hash of the concatenated string. In Python:

    import hashlib
    secret = 'a_long_cryptic_secret_only_you_know'
    signature = "%s:%s:%s:%s:%s" % (subscription_id, cloud_service_name, resource_type, resource_name, secret)
    token = hashlib.sha256(signature)

and returns the following XML:

<SsoToken xmlns="">
  • TimeStamp is the current server datetime in ISO-8601 format in the server's own timezone.
  • Token is the SHA-256 hash of the string <subscription_id>:<cloud_service_name>:<resource_name>:<secret>

3) The Management Portal redirects the user to a URL to the SSO URL with a few parameters:


4) Your RP generates the token again. If the token matches, and if the timestamp is within a 10 minute period, the RP sets a cookie and logs the user in. Otherwise, the RP returns a 403 error.

Sample code in Python with the Flask framework:

import hashlib
import iso8601

def sso_view():
    subscription_id = request.args.get("subid")
    cloud_service_name = request.args.get("cloudservicename")
    resource_name = request.args.get("resourcename")
    resource_type = request.args.get(resourcetype)
    timestamp = request.args.get("timestamp")

    secret = 'a_long_cryptic_secret_only_you_know'

    signature = "%s:%s:%s:%s:%s" % (subscription_id, cloud_service_name, 
        resource_type, resource_name, secret)

    token_now = str(hashlib.sha256(signature).hexdigest())
    if (token_now == request.args.get("token")):
        app.logger.debug("Tokens match, checking timestamp")
        timestamp_now =
        timestamp_given = iso8601.parse_date(timestamp).replace(tzinfo=None)
        time_delta = timestamp_now - timestamp_given
        if(time_delta.seconds < 60*10):
            return Response("Welcome you are logged in", status=200)
            app.logger.debug("SSO error: Time delta greater 10 minutes")
            return Response("Login failed", status=403)
        app.logger.debug("SSO error: Given token %s does not match required token %s" % 
            (request.args.get("token"), token_now))

        return Response("Login failed", status=403)