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2016.3.3 Version 1.0.0-beta1
* Use AutoRest generated clients
* Add ARM clients for compute, network, resource, storage, and web apps, generated from latest specs in azure-rest-api-specs
* Easier paging operations
* Cancellation on async operations,
* Allow changes to base URL
* Support flattening on nested properties
* Easier authentication with azure-client-authentication
* Support Android natively
2016.2.18 Version 0.9.3
* Fix enum bugs in azure-svc-mgmt-websites
2016.1.26 Version 0.9.2
* Fix HTTP Proxy for Apache HTTP Client in Service Clients
* Key Vault: Fix KeyVaultKey to not attempt to load RSA Private Key
2016.1.8 Version 0.9.1
* Support HTTP Proxy
* Fix token expiration issue #557
* Service Bus: Add missing attributes: partitionKey, viaPartitionKey
* Traffic Manager: Update API version, add MinChildEndpoints for NestedEndpoints
* Media: Add support for Widevine (DRM) dynamic encryption
2015.10.21 Version 0.9.0
* New Azure Resource Manager Storage Management library
* Fix a few bugs
2015.9.22 Version 0.8.3
* Fix unexpected exceptions thrown in some long running operations
2015.9.22 Version 0.8.2
* Revert a previous breaking change on enum casing
* Fix string comparison on long running operation status
2015.9.15 Version 0.8.1
* Use commons library for Base64 encoding
2015.8.21 Version 0.8.0
* Support token based credentials
* Support Azure Resource Management
2014.12.09 Version 0.7.0
* Refresh client wrappers to latest specifications
2014.08.4 Version 0.6.0
* Multiple fixes
2014.04.2 Version 0.5.0
* Add multiple service management modules
* Split the SDK into multiple sub-modules
2013.09.30 Version 0.4.6
* Allow users to set the client-request-id for better tracking/debugging of storage requests. This is set on the OperationContext.
* Prevent a potential arithmetic overflow while calculating the exponential retry back-off interval in storage.
* Retry on IOException even when it is wrapped within an XMLStreamException in storage.
* Throw a more meaningful exception when connection is reset while parsing a request response in storage.
2013.08.26 Version 0.4.5
* Added support for managing affinity groups
* Added support for Media Services job notification
2013.07.03 Version 0.4.4
* Windows Azure China environment support
* Service Bus metadata support updated to the latest version
* Rich Odata entity query support for Service Bus Queue/Topic/Subscription
* Added support for Service Bus message forwarding
* Added support for Service Bus message count details
* Made sure the response stream is drained to prevent socket exhaustion in Storage
* Added support for all flavors of SharedKey and SharedKeyLite message signing through AuthenticationScheme property on client classes in Storage
2013.05.27 Version 0.4.3
* Added support for updating existing Queue/Topic/Subscription for Service Bus
* Added support for message lock renewal to support long running message processing for Service Bus
* Added new properties to Queue/Topic/Subscription/Rule for Service Bus
* Added support for rebinding content key for Media Services
2013.04.16 Version 0.4.2
* Fixed a bunch of GB18030 encoding issues
* Fixed a service bus issue when the locale is not UTC
2013.03.12 Version 0.4.1
* Added "Azure-SDK-For-Java/<version>" To User-Agent HTTP header
* Added connection string support for Service Bus
* Added new methods to break lease for Storage Blob which doesn't require a lease id and returns the result as an object. Deprecated the old breakLease() methods.
* Added a new method to get the historical events for Media Services
* Fixed Storage Table encoding issue for special characters
* BlobOutputStream now commits block list using LATEST instead of UNCOMMITTED
* Added RequestResult to StorageEvents
* Fixed issue when accessing OperationContext RequestResults
* Fixed the return value of
* Fixed CloudPageBlob.downloadPageRanges to retrieve the blob length
* Fixed MD5 validation in BlobInputStream
* Return ETag in TableResult not only for Insert but also for other operations
2013.01.18 Version 0.4.0
* Added support for Windows Azure Media Services
* Updated dependencies to non-beta stable versions
* Added a Sending Request Event to OperationContext in Storage Client code
* Fixed a bug in the Storage client in blob download resume for blobs greater than 2GB
2012.10.29 Version 0.3.3
* In the blob client, fixed a bug which allows users to call write APIs on a blob snapshot reference
* Updated the URL parse method in storage client libraries, to allow users to pass a URL ending with "/"
* Updated the parsing response header code in blob client APIs
* Updated the storage client library user agent version from 0.1.2 to 0.1.3
* Added more test cases in storage client tests
2012.10.16 Version 0.3.2
* Implemented a more graceful timeout Exception
* Implemented a better Exception for an empty header returned by the Azure Storage Service
* Added Fluent setters for Blob Models
2012.09.11 Version 0.3.1
* Added Javadocs to 1.7 Storage Support from 0.3.0 release
* Fixed bug where getqueue for an invalid queue returns 200 and the exception is not wrapped in a ServiceException
* Fixed the error when deleting a blob snapshot in the Service Layer
* Changed the PageBlob length parameter from an int to a long
* Return an Etag for create and copy Blob in Service Layer
* Updated the BlobRestProxy.copyBlob to correctly honor source access conditions
* Updated the BlobRestProxy.getBlob to correctly honor setComputeRangeMD5 option
* Added international support for ServiceBus URIs
* Added encoding for special characters when serializing entity to XML in Table Service Layer
2012.06.02 Version 0.3.0
* Added 1.7 Storage Support
* Added Javadocs for
2012.05.02 Version 0.2.2
* Added Javadoc comments to Azure Blob Service Layer
* Fixed a URL encoding issue in Table Client Layer
* Made CloudTableClient use Iterator instead of Iterable
2012.04.11 Version 0.2.1
* Added Service Layer support for Azure Table
* Added Javadoc comments to Azure Queue Service Layer
2012.02.28 Version 0.2.0
* Added Support for Azure Table in
* Added Client Tests for Table
* Added a dependency on apache commons-lang3 3.1
* ResultsSegment exposes an ArrayList instead of an Iterable
* UserAgent updated to v1.1.2
2012.01.31 Version 0.1.3
* Updated User Agent to v0.1.1
* Updated License Headers
* Blob Client Mark update
* Retry Logic updated in Blob and Queue Client to not retry
* Error Response parsing updated for Table compatibility
* MD5 is delay calculated on copy streams
* Date parsing support for various number of fractional decimals
* StorageErrorResponse updated to support lower case xml for tables
2011.12.22 Version 0.1.2
* Fixed to lock to ETag during a resume
* Ensured that Client Side Exceptions are not resumed
2011.12.14 Version 0.1.1
* Commenting/documentation changes
2011.12.09 Version 0.1.0
* Initial Release