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maven plugin for azure #95

michaelwiles opened this Issue · 10 comments

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We work on azure with java and would find a maven plugin very useful.

I have already started work on this and so far have a plugin that can deploy maven artifacts to azure blob storage and could contribute this.

Our startup script then pulls this artifact out of blob storage and runs it...

Is maven on the plan? I'd be keen to contribute to this...


I am aware of that, but that is not a maven plugin. That is the java azure sdk.

@joostdenijs joostdenijs reopened this

I think this is a cool idea! It seems it cannot be assigned to michaelwiles ? Is he on the white list?


I am not currently involved at all, I just figured I'd ask here about the maven plugin since this is where the java azure sdk is maintained and a plugin should probably be related to this especially from a visibility point of view and so that it fits in with the road map of azure on java.

Currently what I have is very simple: I can go

mvn install azure:deploy; in the pom I've configured the storage account string as well as the destination container and name. This then takes my built deployable and uploads it to blob storage. Not the actual azure package, this is the war of my application. My startup script on azure then pulls this out of blob storage and adds it to my tomcat.

But ultimately I think I'd like to be able to build the whole azure package with maven and upload it to blob storage (much like the package.xml ant file does currently). This would be very useful as currently it is a manual/ant process. Maybe even long term we could use the rest interface onto azure in the cloud to load the package onto an instance and start it (if this is possible). That would be very convenient.


fantastic idea!


So what is the way forward? Should the maven plugin be stored here? Probably makes the most sense to centralise it all here.

Maybe someone can pull what I have and put it somewhere? and we can build on that?

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Closed by accident (commit referenced this id, but was for a different repo)

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Closing stale issues. Reactivate if it should be reconsidered.

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API-wise, what should be its workflow?


Oh nvm. For Blob storage there's a wagon somewhere on github. I was originally thinking about deploying into Azure Websites - Which I actually did, see azurator and its sample

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