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Microsoft.Azure.Management.ApiManagment release notes

Changes in 6.0.0-preview

  • Fixed quotas update contract

Changes in 5.0.0-preview

  • Switch the .NET client to use api-version 2019-12-01
  • properties entity renamed to namedValues
  • new gateway entity added
  • Added POST operations to get entities secret properties. Secret properties will not be returned with GET or LIST operations anymore. Entities are: accessInformation, authorizationServers, delegationSettings, identityProviders, namedValues, openIdConnectProviders, subscriptions.
  • diagnostics entity: enableHttpCorrelationHeaders property is not supported, loggerId is a required property now.
  • Breaking Change: capacity is a required parameter with creating ApiManagement service.
  • Added support for creating userAssignedIdentity.
  • Added support for disableGateway property, which allows taking a region out of a multi-region premium sku ApiManagement service
  • Added support for apiVersionConstraint property which allows limiting all control plane calls higher than a specific api-version
  • Breaking Change: Exception thrown in case of failure changed from CloudException to ErrorResponseException.

Changes in 4.12.0-preview

  • Added support for developerPortal endpoint in apimanagement service resource.
  • Added support for overriding the common tenant when configuring AAD identity provider.
  • Added support for specifying httpCorrelationProtocol and verbosity when configuring diagnostics on global and api level.
  • Added support for importing OpenApi 3.0 document in Json format.

Changes in 4.11.0-preview

  • Removed id validation on groups, apis, products, users and backend to unblock existing customers to onboard to new sdks

Changes in 4.10.0-preview

  • Fixed support for creating, updating Swagger, WSDL and Open Api Schema.

Changes in 4.9.0-preview

  • Added support for retrieving Policies from Global, Api, Product and Operation level in Raw Xml format.

Changes in 4.8.0-preview

  • Switch the .NET client to use api-version 2019-01-01
  • Add support for cloning Apis from an ApiRevision and ApiVersionSet
  • Enabled support for Importing and Exporting Apis based on OpenApi specification
  • Add support for creating Api Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics support configuring detailed sampling and Header configuration
  • Add support for creating and update Cache entity.
  • Subscription Contract has breaking change. The ProductId property is replaced with Scope and UserId is replaced with OwnerId.
  • Added support for creating Global Scope Subscriptions
  • Added support for managing Consumption Sku services.
  • Deprecated Api UpdateHostName and UploadCertificate for configurating ApiManagement service. Use CreateOrUpdate service instead.

Changes in 4.0.6-preview

  • Added support of OpenId authentication in ApiContract
  • Fixed bug in UserContract which prevented setting the UserIdentities
  • Added API for updating an API Issue

Changes in 4.0.5-preview

  • Added ApiRevisionDescription and ApiVersionDescription to ApiContract
  • Fixed bug in ApiManagementService contract. The CertificateInformation has a setter for Update scenarios.

Changes in 4.0.4-preview

  • Added ApiRevisionDescription and ApiVersionDescription to ApiContract
  • Fixed bug in ApiManagementService contract. The CertificateInformation has a setter for Update scenarios.

Changes in 4.0.3-preview

  • Fixed contract for Error in OperationResultContract
  • Fixed validation for adding Apis to Product

Changes in 4.0.2-preview

  • Fixed Contract for ErrorResponse for Management Apis

Changes in 4.0.1-preview

*** Resource Management APIs ***

  • Added missing privateIP address in Additional Location

*** Management APIs ****

  • Added support for Issue, Issue Comments and Issue Attachments
  • Added support for accepting non-Xml Encoded policies.

Changes in 4.0.0-preview


*** Resource Management APIs ***

  • Added support for Basic Sku
  • Added support for Intermediate Certificates
  • Added support for creating MSI and KeyVault integration
  • Added support for querying NetworkStatus endpoint

*** Management APIs ***

  • Added support for creating an API by importing a WSDL document, containing multiple Service endpoints
  • GetEntityTag API for all resources, to retrieve the ETag of the entity, to be used when Updating/Deleting the Entity.
  • API support for API Revisions, API Releases and Api VersionSets
  • API support for API Schemas.
  • API support for Backend Reconnect.
  • API support for Tag.
  • API support for Diagnostics
  • API support for Application insights Logger
  • API support for managing Notifications, Notification Recipients and Notification Users.
  • API support for Portal settings including SignIn, Signup and Delegation.
  • API support for Importing Policies using Link
  • Added support for Exporting Soap APIs in WSDL Format.