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+Issues fixed in 2.0.1 :
+ 1. All: CloudStorageAccount.*Parse methods throw an exception for �UseDevelopmentStorage=true� string
+ 2. All: StorageErrorCodeStrings class is missing
+ 3. Blobs: ICloudBlob interface does not have GetSharedAccessSignature method
+Issues fixed in 2.0.2 :
+ 1. All: CompletedSynchronously property returns inconsistent values on IAsyncResult objects returned by asynchronous methods and thus TaskFactory.FromAsync does not work properly
+ 2. Tables: Public DynamicTableEntity constructors use DateTime even though the Timestamp property is of type DateTimeOffset
+ 3. Tables: BeginSaveChangesWithRetries overload ignores the options argument
+Issues fixed in 2.0.3 :
+ 1. All: General metadata correctness test fails when using the RT library to develop windows store apps
+ 2. Queues: CloudQueueMessage.MaxNumberOfMessagesToPeek, CloudQueueMessage.MaxMessageSize and CloudQueueMessage.MaximumTimeToLive have disappeared from CloudQueueMessage
+ 3. Queues: CloudQueue.BeginCreateIfNotExists and CloudQueue.BeginDeleteIfExists methods expect valid options argument
+ 4. Tables: When one or more of the batches fails, but then succeeds on a retry, the "extra" TableResults of the failed transactions are also returned
+ 5. Tables: TableQuery.GenerateFilterConditionForLong does not append 'L' at the end of the value and thus values larger than Int32.MaxValue cannot be used when filtering
+ 6. Tables: TableEntity does not support serializing nullable values
+ 7. Tables: CloudTable.EndListTablesSegmented method does not work correctly
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