CloudDrive in SDK1.8 #136

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Half baked code leaving using CloudDrive very mess. In that you need to ref to the old StorageClient.dll, and bring in namespaces that will confuse compiler. Is there any plan to tidy up this?


Strongly in favor of this being addressed, though it is more an issue with CloudDrive. Anyone linking to CloudDrive has to import both 2.0.2 and 1.7/1.8, which is a problem.


Another Vote here.... I'm surprised there isn't more vocal noise on this issue.

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Closing as 1.8 release was long ago; for general feedback though please do use the UserVoice forums:

@jeffwilcox jeffwilcox closed this Oct 17, 2013
  1. The issue is still there regardless of version.
  2. Closing the issue because of a bug's title is pretty lame.
  3. At worst consider refiling the issue with a new title.
  4. Given that it's been more than a year consider:
    • Cutting cloud drive, and directing users to an old version so you don't have to support it
    • Separating out cloud drive into it's own release, independent of this module.

EDIT: I take it back, looks like CloudDrive was removed.

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I agree we dropped the ball here, still wanted to follow up as I was going through the issues for another project. Thanks for taking the time to respond though!

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