Windows Azure SDK for .NET - Mono #174

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I think the team should consider other .NET implementation like Mono; at present the azure-sdk-for-net nuget package won't allow you to install on a Mono applications.

It would be good for the Azure .NET SDK to support platforms like Mono as this would greatly increase the portability of applications across a wide range of OSes and devices.



Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this for future.

@piyushjo piyushjo closed this Mar 28, 2013
@slackshot there is some code for this already.

Some functions don't work. Like right now, I can't delete blobs. I can list blobs in containers.. a lot of the functionality is broken compared to the full sdk.. but I get some of it.


Not to resurrect a dead issue, but is this still something being thought about? I've just ran into an issue where specifically CloudConfigurationManager doesn't work on Mono due to a dependency on fusion.dll. I'm disappointed by this as when the code being run is not in a role environment (i.e. in a VM), the CloudConfigurationManager performs the same job as System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager which works fine under mono.

More generally, my understanding was that the operations provided by this library were pretty much simply wrappers for http calls to the REST api. With that in mind, mono support should (it would seem) be trivial

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