Enable proxying a request from azure blob storage to an incoming request #12

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Today when using ServiceClient.performRequestInputStream (from cloudblobclient) it is impossible to relay the actual response headers into an incoming request stream.

To circumvent this we added the following line in beginning of the http.request callback :

writeStream.emit('start', response);

This allows us to copy the response headers into the incoming request response stream. Otherwise we are not able to relay the headers and status code.

It would be nice if you would support this directly with a dedicated method of the form:
ServiceClient.proxyRequest(requestParameters, rawData, incomingResponse, callback)
or by adding a dedicated prewrite event as the once we have added which allows the users to add this functionality themselves.


Sounds like something to look at.

@andrerod andrerod was assigned Dec 16, 2011

We're now raising a response event when we get the headers.

@markcowl markcowl was assigned Sep 15, 2012
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@andrerod Can you point us at the unit tests you used to verify this issue was fixed?

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This would be a great sample app


This is not fixed. It was incorrectly marked as ready for test.


It shouldnt even be in the sprint. moving to backlog.

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