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azure site create --github fails when attempting to recreate site #410

markcowl opened this Issue Oct 28, 2012 · 2 comments


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markcowl commented Oct 28, 2012

If you create a site using a github repo, then delete the site and try to connect to the same repo, you get the error at the bottom.

Repro steps:
(0) cd to a directory with a clone of the github repo for your site
(1) azure site create --github
(2) azure site delete -q
(3) azure site create -github

The double verbose printed messages are below:

help: Enter your github credentials
Username: markcowl
silly: determineIfCurrentDirectoryIsGitWorkingTree
silly: initGitOnCurrentDirectoryIfNeeded
verbose: Retrieving repositories
verbose: Retrieving local git repositories
silly: copyWebConfigWhenServerJsPresent
silly: updateLocalConfigWithSiteName
silly: InitializeRemoteRepo
info: Initializing remote Azure repository
verbose: Subscription 00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d
verbose: Webspace eastuswebspace
verbose: Site whost001
verbose: Updating site information
silly: Reading config /Users/markcowl/.azure/config.json
silly: { subscription: '00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d', endpoint: 'https://management.core.windows.net/' }
silly: Reading pem /Users/markcowl/.azure/managementCertificate.pem
silly: Request.Method POST
silly: Request.Path /00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d/services/webspaces/eastuswebspace/sites/whost001/repository
silly: Response.Headers cache-control=private, transfer-encoding=chunked, server=6.0.6002.18488 (rd_rdfe_stable.121021-2100) Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0, x-aspnet-version=4.0.30319, x-powered-by=ASP.NET, x-ms-request-id=1b0df816f174474f838764831a5d4d3b, date=Sun, 28 Oct 2012 05:34:16 GMT
info: Remote azure repository initialized
verbose: Retrieving site information
silly: Reading config /Users/markcowl/.azure/config.json
silly: { subscription: '00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d', endpoint: 'https://management.core.windows.net/' }
silly: Reading pem /Users/markcowl/.azure/managementCertificate.pem
silly: Request.Method GET
silly: Request.Path /00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d/services/webspaces/eastuswebspace/sites/whost001?propertiesToInclude=repositoryuri%2Cpublishingpassword%2Cpublishingusername
silly: Response.Headers cache-control=private, content-length=1721, content-type=application/xml; charset=utf-8, server=6.0.6002.18488 (rd_rdfe_stable.121021-2100) Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0, x-aspnet-version=4.0.30319, x-powered-by=ASP.NET, x-ms-request-id=8a31176e4e2a4121b98dc9c8540541f6, date=Sun, 28 Oct 2012 05:34:17 GMT
verbose: Site AdminEnabled=true, AvailabilityState=Normal, Enabled=true, EnabledHostNames=[whost001.azurewebsites.net, whost001.scm.azurewebsites.net], Name=whost001.azurewebsites.net, SslState=Disabled, , , Name=whost001.scm.azurewebsites.net, SslState=Disabled, , , HostNames=whost001.azurewebsites.net, Name=whost001, , RepositorySiteName=whost001, , SelfLink=https://waws-prod-blu-001.api.azurewebsites.windows.net:454/subscriptions/00977cdb-163f-435f-9c32-39ec8ae61f4d/webspaces/eastuswebspace/sites/whost001, SiteMode=Limited, , Name=RepositoryUri, Value=https://whost001.scm.azurewebsites.net, Name=PublishingUsername, Value=$whost001, Name=PublishingPassword, Value=vJzPNLLCLR8Ar153dH38mQPSwDktK1ddomfdtfDpPT5HD0sdHa0RB1lRGk2G, State=Running, UsageState=Normal, WebSpace=eastuswebspace
silly: context.repo https://whost001.scm.azurewebsites.net/
verbose: Retrieving website hooks
verbose: Updating hook
verbose: Testing hook
[error] { defaultMessage: 'Bad Request',
[error] message: 'Empty value for parameter 'user': undefined',
[error] code: '400' } { url: '/repos/:user/:repo/hooks/:id/test',
[error] method: 'POST',
[error] params: { '$user': null, '$repo': null, '$id': null } } undefined
error: Empty value for parameter 'user': undefined
silly: {
silly: __frame: {
silly: col: 4,
silly: line: 359,
silly: name: 'GithubClient_prototype_testHook__14',
silly: file: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/azure/lib/cli/linkedrevisioncontrol.js',
silly: offset: 4,
silly: prev: {
silly: col: 6,
silly: line: 284,
silly: name: 'GithubClient_prototype_createOrUpdateHook__11',
silly: file: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/azure/lib/cli/linkedrevisioncontrol.js',
silly: offset: 29,
silly: prev: {
silly: col: 2,
silly: line: 233,
silly: name: 'GithubClient_prototype_deploy__9',
silly: file: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/azure/lib/cli/linkedrevisioncontrol.js',
silly: offset: 2,
silly: prev: {
silly: col: 12,
silly: line: 128,
silly: name: '__2',
silly: file: '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/azure/lib/cli/commands/site.js',
silly: offset: 48,
silly: prev: undefined
silly: }
silly: }
silly: }
silly: },
silly: rawStack: undefined,
silly: message: "Empty value for parameter 'user': undefined",
silly: defaultMessage: 'Bad Request',
silly: code: '400',
silly: stack: undefined
silly: }
error: site create command failed


markcowl commented Oct 28, 2012

It looks like this may have to do with residual information left on Antares, as creating a different site from the same repo still works

Fixed. Problem was with testing hook.

@ghost ghost assigned markcowl Oct 29, 2012

andrerod pushed a commit to andrerod/azure-sdk-for-node that referenced this issue Oct 29, 2012

@markcowl markcowl closed this Nov 3, 2012

@markcowl markcowl removed their assignment Apr 1, 2014

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