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azure site create --github will not list a repo if remote contains username #413

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If the local repository has a single remote (origin) that encodes github username or username and password, then all repos you have access to are listed, instead of choosing the single remote

create a git repo with origin remote having encoded username:

git remote add origin

run azure site create --github in the directory

All repos you have access to, rather than the single repo are listed

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@andrerod andrerod #413: azure site create --github lists all remote repos if remote con…
…tains username.
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The original issue appears fixed. However, the remote that encodes a credential is not listed among the repos that can be added. For example, if I have a repo with the following remotes:

origin (fetch)
origin (push)
upstreah (fetch
upstreah (push)

Then no repos are listed when I create a site from this repo:

C:\whost011\WebChatDefault-1>azure site create whost012 --github
info: Executing command site create

  • Enumerating locations
  • Enumerating sites help: Choose a region 1) East US 2) West US : 1 info: Creating a new web site at
  • Sending site information info: Created website at help: Enter your github credentials Username: markcowl Password:
  • Retrieving repositories
  • Retrieving local git repositories help: Choose a repository :

Did you try this out of my fork ?

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