#499: Make generating blob URL with SAS easier #564

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* @return {object} An object with the blob URL.
-BlobService.prototype.getBlobUrl = function (container, blob) {
+BlobService.prototype.getBlobUrl = function (container, blob, sharedAccessPolicy) {

christav Jan 29, 2013


parameter in doc comments is named sharedAccessPermissions, here it's sharedAccessPolicy

+var testutil = require('./util');
+var azure = testutil.libRequire('azure');
+suite('date-tests', function () {

christav Jan 29, 2013


There are a ton of potential corner cases here, particularly around daylight savings time and shifts. What should happen when the date util runs on the switchover, you add an hour, but the clock also moves back an hour?

May not be an issue, but this exact problem brought azure down for many hours not that long ago.

+* @param {int} days The days timespan.
+* @return {Date}
+exports.daysFromNow = function (days) {

christav Jan 29, 2013


Watch out for daylight savings time switch points - there's a ton of corner cases here that could cause problems.


andrerod Jan 30, 2013

As we discussed in person, this should be fine as long as the Timezone is kept in picture and respected.

Noticed i had incorrectly add this in the previous commit. removing it here.

The require and call to process.platform should be done once at the top of the file and the results stored for later use.


andrerod replied Jan 30, 2013

I suspect that wont actually make a difference for most cases, but ok.

andrerod pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 30, 2013

Merge pull request #564 from andrerod/dev
#499: Make generating blob URL with SAS easier

@andrerod andrerod merged commit 2712ccb into Azure:dev Jan 30, 2013

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