@amarzavery amarzavery released this Oct 11, 2017 · 639 commits to master since this release

  • Restricting dependency on "moment" from "^2.18.1" to "~2.18.1" due to bugs in 2.19.0. Updated packages are:
    • azure
    • azure-batch
    • azure-monitor
    • azure-arm-monitor
    • azure-asm-website
    • ms-rest
    • ms-rest-azure


@amarzavery amarzavery released this Sep 30, 2017


@amarzavery amarzavery released this Apr 3, 2017


We have some samples in TypeScript for:

that can be cloned and executed live.

Feature updates

Runtime (ms-rest and ms-rest-azure) updates

  • Updated d.ts files for ms-rest and ms-rest-azure
  • All the login methods (interactiveLogin, loginWithServicePrincipalSecret, loginWithUsernamePassword) now support callback as well as a Promise.
  • Added support to send (a generic request, or a generic long running request (that polls)) using the authenticated base client AzureServiceClient in the runtime.


@amarzavery amarzavery released this Sep 7, 2016 · 1240 commits to master since this release

Installtion: npm install azure

  • Added client libraries for following ARM services
    • Servicebus management
    • Trafficmanager
    • Powerbiembedded
    • Eventhub management
    • IotHub Management
  • Regenerated following services with the latest (api-version) swagger spec
    • KeyVaultManagement and KeyVault data plane
    • ResourceManagement
    • DevTestLabs
    • NotificationHubManagement
    • Commerce
  • Removed ApiAppManagement library as the service is no longer deployed on Azure
  • Updated the rollup file (lib/azure.js) to be in sync with the latest changes
  • Updated License Info
    • All the Autorest generated client libraries are under MIT license
    • All the old codegenerator generated client libraries are under Apache-2.0
  • Bumped up the request library to 2.74.0


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Merge pull request #1393 from yugangw-msft/hdinsight

bump up hdinsighs version again, becasue hdinsigh team has published a n...