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The examples here demonstrate some of the basic functionalities of the Azure PHP SDK.

Getting Started

  • Download composer.phar to the examples directory

  • Create a file named composer.json in the examples directory and add the following code to it:

        "require": {
            "microsoft/windowsazure": "^0.4"
  • Open a command prompt and execute this in the examples directory

    php composer.phar install

This will download all dependencies to the vendor sub directory.

Run the Task List example

Run the Media Services examples

  • Open MediaServices\userconfig.php, enter "Media Service Account Name" and "Primary Media Service access key" for your Media Service from the Azure portal.

  • In the examples directory, run

    php MediaServices\%sample_name%.php

Using Fiddler to Debug HTTP/HTTPS Requests

  • Install Fiddler.

  • Set the HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY enviroment variables to localhost:8888. For example

    set HTTP_PROXY=localhost:8888
    set HTTPS_PROXY=localhost:8888
  • Start your program.