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fix parsing of feeds that include unicode characters #59

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Steve Marx smortaz André Rodrigues
Steve Marx

Note that I haven't tested this extensively... I've pretty much only tried it with the simple case below:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import azure
from import TableService
ts = TableService('<ACCOUNT>', '<KEY>')
try: ts.insert_entity('test', {'PartitionKey': 'test', 'RowKey': 'test', 'Description': 'ꀕ'})
except azure.WindowsAzureConflictError: pass
print ts.get_entity('test', 'test', 'test').Description
for e in ts.query_entities('test', "PartitionKey eq 'test'"):
    print e.Description # blows up with encoding error

Thanks Steve for the fix! Much appreciated & folded in.

André Rodrigues

Steve, thanks for your fix. It seems this had already been applied in:

So I'm going to close this PR.

Thanks once again and keep them coming,

André Rodrigues andrerod closed this October 17, 2012
Steve Marx
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Aug 23, 2012
Steve Marx fix parsing of feeds that include unicode characters 52826e0
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  1. 2  src/azure/
2  src/azure/
@@ -276,7 +276,7 @@ def _convert_response_to_feeds(response, convert_func):
276 276
         xml_entries = _get_children_from_path(xmldoc, 'entry') #in some cases, response contains only entry but no feed
277 277
     for xml_entry in xml_entries:
278 278
         new_node = _clone_node_with_namespaces(xml_entry, xmldoc)
-        feeds.append(convert_func(new_node.toxml()))
+        feeds.append(convert_func(new_node.toxml('utf-8')))
280 280
281 281
     return feeds
282 282

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