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@sima-zhu I was investigating Azure/azure-sdk-for-python#16794 and discovered this.

In the case where there is a "/" in the name it gets used directly! This means on a _browser_ that the link to the landing page won't ever render because a `/` means "next folder in" on a webserver!

So for the service `Database for MySQL/PostGreSQL`, this turns into path `databaseformysql/postgresql.html`. This is 404ing.

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Azure SDK Tools

This repository contains useful tools that the Azure SDK team utilizes across their infrastructure.


Package or Intent Path Description Status
Check Enforcer Readme Manage GitHub check-runs in a mono-repo. Not Yet Enabled
doc-warden Readme A tool used to enforce readme standards across Azure SDK Repos. Build Status
http-fault-injector Readme HTTP proxy server for testing HTTP clients during "faults" like "connection closed in middle of body". Build Status
Maven Plugin for Snippets Readme A Maven plugin that that updates code snippets referenced from javadoc comments. Not Yet Enabled
pixel insertion tool Readme A tool used to insert the requests for images served by pixel server. Not Yet Enabled
pixel-server Readme A tiny ASP.NET Core site used to serve a pixel and record impressions. Not Yet Enabled


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