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Get-AzureDisk can't be filtered with 'where' #805

ytada0829 opened this Issue December 27, 2012 · 3 comments

6 participants

ytada0829 Michael Washam Priya Modali KundanaP Kay Singh Mark Cowlishaw

When I use DEC/2012 version of Cmdlets, following command returns all AzureDisks in same subscription.
$Disk = Get-AzureDisk | Where {($.AttachedTo.RoleName -eq "servername") -and ($.OS -eq "Windows")}
Using AUG/2012 version of Cmdlets, it works well. Returns only one disk which is system disk for the "servername".

Mark Cowlishaw

@mwasham please triage


We'll need to add scripts for regression tests.

KundanaP KundanaP closed this January 23, 2013
KundanaP KundanaP reopened this January 23, 2013
Kay Singh

Fixed, works now.

Kay Singh singhkay closed this March 27, 2014
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