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Altium Files
Production Files
P-FTINT-1-1 (BoM).xlsx

Azure Sphere Standalone FTDI Interface Board v1.1 Design and Production Files


This Altium Project contains a design for a standalone FTDI-based programming and debugging board that is compatible with the Azure Sphere SDK. This board can be used to interface with devices that do not include an on-board Azure Sphere programming and debug interface (e.g., a production device built around a connectivity module).

The connections to an Azure Sphere target device are exposed as pin headers; flying jumper leads or an appropriate cable assembly is required to connect with the target device. The SWD connector pinout follows that of the standard 10-pin ARM Cortex SWD connector. The 10-pin 0.1-inch pitch connectors for Recovery, Service and Debug UARTs are compatible with standard 10-pin IDC ribbon cables or spring-pin assemblies like the Tag-Connect TC2050.

To reduce assembly complexity this board uses FTDI's off-the-shelf FT4232H-56Q Mini-Module. The connectors, tri-state buffer IC, and passive footprints on the board have been selected to make hand-soldering easier.

Usage Notes

  • Resistors R12, R13, R14, and diodes D1 and D2 are currently unused and so populating them is optional.

  • The EEPROM on-board the FTDI Mini-Module must be programmed using the contents of the MT3620_Standard_Interface.xml for the Azure Sphere SDK to recognize this as a valid programming and debugging interface. Instructions for doing this can be found in the Azure Sphere documentation.

Directory Contents

This directory contains the design files for the Azure Sphere FTDI Interface board. These consist of the following:

P-FTINT-1-1.PDF contains the schematics and PCB layout.

Altium Files folder contains the Altium Designer schematics, PCB layout, and supporting project files.

Production Files folder contains the gerber, drill, and pick and place data files.

P-FTINT-1-1 (BoM).xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet that contains the bill of materials.

MT3620_Standard_Interface.xml is the XML configuration file used to program the FTDI EEPROM chip using FTDI's FT_Prog Utility.

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