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Merge pull request #626 from xyh1/patch-1

add priority change per Support Engineer
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zezha-msft committed Aug 7, 2019
2 parents 2060c30 + a9ad2c8 commit 54e60c8c029f41d2573233a70021c4abf77ce67c
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- Support for 2019-02-02 REST version. Please see our REST API documentation and blog for information about the related added features.
- Added Batch Delete Blob API.
- Added Batch Set Standard Blob Tier API(for BlockBlob).
- Added support to set rehydrate blob priority for Set Standard Blob Tier API
- Added Blob Tier support for PutBlob/PutBlockList/CopyBlob APIs.
- Added support for client provided encryption key to numerous APIs.

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