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2015.07.20 Version 0.9.6
* Network
* Added commands to manage routes and route table
* Added commands to manage local network
* Added commands to manage application gateway
* Added commands to manage traffic manager
* Added commands to manage virtual network gateway
* Reduced command load time by splitting network commands to separate files
* Compute
* Updated VM endpoint command to support probe interval and timeout
* The endpoint create-multiple command has breaking change due to the accommodation of probe interval and timeout
* Added support to set remote-subnet for an endpoint ACL rule
* Added command to fetch deployment event
* Enhanced docker create vm command to pass certificate CN
* Site
* Fixed streamline precompiler issues with azure site commands
2015.06.26 Version 0.9.5
* WebApp
* Added create, delete, show, list, start, stop and restart commands
* ApiApp
* Added create command
* Key Vault
* Commands now use Key Vault REST API v2015-06-01
* site
* Bug fixes for Issues #1666, Added support for PHP version 5.6
* Remove support PHP version 5.3 for web site options
2015.06.05 Version 0.9.4
* Fix group deployment create bug. Users should now be able to successfully submit template deployments
2015.05.29 Version 0.9.3
* General Fixes
* Performance improvement of general command loading
* Support login with partner tenant
* VM
* Bug fixes for Issues #1726, #1731, #1761
* Network
* Bug fixes for Issues #1763, #1764, #1769, #1770, #1771, #1773, #1775, #1776, #1777, #1780, #1781, #1783
* Monitoring
* Moved events client out of Azure rollup into its own package
* Insights
* Added last Insights autoscale command
* ApiApp
* Added improved UIDefinition constraint validation
* HDInsight
* Fixed the bug on listCluster command which shows duplicate items
* Fixed parameter description for storageAccountName
* VM
* Bug fixes for Issues #1566, #1600, #1759
* Chef Extension
* Implemented new option --delete-chef-config for set-chef extension commands
2015.05.04 Version 0.9.2
* Network
* Commands to manage DNS Zone and DNS Zone recordset
* Key Vault
* Added commands to manage vaults, keys and secrets (azure keyvault)
* Insights
* Added commands to handle alerts and alert rules, autoscale events and autoscale settings, list metrics and metrics definitions, and list usage metrics
* ApiApp
* Added package create command
Version 0.9.1
* Virtual machines
* Support for managing virtual machine resource in CRP stack, this includes commands to
* Create VM with options to configure availability set and network resources
* Quick create VM
* Create docker VM
* Delete, start, stop, generalize and capture VM
* Manage VM extensions
* Manage VM data disks
* Manage VM images
* Update VM to add and remove NICs
* VM instance view
* VM show commands which supports --depth option to fetch associated resources
* Reset VM access credentials
* Network
* Support for managing network resources in NRP stack, this includes commands to
* Manage virtual network
* Manage virtual network subnet
* Manage load balancer
* Manage load balancer child resources
* Probes
* VIP configuration
* Address pool
* load balancing rules
* Inbount NAT rules
* Manage NIC
* Manage PublicIP
* Manage traffic manager
* Manage security group
* Availability set resource in CRP stack
* Commands to manage availability set
* Insights
* Added commands to retrieve event/operation logs from Event Service
* VM
* Chef Extension
* Implemented new option --bootstrap-options for set-chef extension commands
* Mobile
* Features
* Added support for AAD Tenants
* Added support for proxies / fiddler
* Improved custom domain, certificate, and SSL error handling
* Issues
* Fixed 'log is undefined' bug
* Fixed connection issues with mobile pipeline
* Test Infrastructure
* Updated common mobile test infrastructure
* Refactored mobile tests into separate files
* Optimized mocked test time run for mobile tests
2015.03.27 Version 0.8.17
* General Fixes
* Fixed Improper JSON for vm image show #1611
* Fixed account-affinitygroup show command #1633
* Fixed an issue in vm export command #1635, #1514
* Updated kuduscript for website deployment
* Fixed Sql Server deletion issue in mobile service commands
* Updated default docker extension version to 0.6
* Fixed issues in windows and mac installer
* Test Infrastructure Optimization
* Reduced the time to run mocked tests
* Every test can be recorded to its individual test file
2015.03.04 Version 0.8.16
* VM
* Feature
* azure vm extension set-chef
* azure vm extension get-chef
* Issue fixes to address the following IAAS related issues
* azure vm endpoint acl-rule create parser error: --description is incorrectly a bool #1500
* azure vm create fails for specialized image: Cannot set property 'mediaLink' of undefined #1516
* Azure vm disk attach properties (such as host-caching) not discoverable #1554
* Can not copy a image blob between storage accounts #1565
* -u is used for username as well as blob-url in the vm create command #1566
* error: undefined is not a function #1575
* Add support for changing cache policy of attached disk #1583
* azure vm endpoint create fails with lb-set option #1594
* Issue fixes to address the following IAAS related issues
* network import doesn't pass LocalNetworkSites #1416
* network vnet create destroys subscription's "local network" #1569
* azure network vnet create - Error - Cannot read property #1589
* General Fixes
* use streamline version 0.10.17 to make it work for node version 0.12.0 upward
* Restricted use of jshint to version <= 2.6.0 due to issues with later versions
* Fixed issues when azure cli is used via proxy
2015.02.17 Version 0.8.15
* Used "Microsoft Azure Client Library for node" version 0.10.4
* Added custom domains functionality to mobile service commands
2015.01.22 Version 0.8.14
* Storage
* Added support for storage "stored access policy" and update storage SDK
* Added support for creating XIO storage accounts
* Added support for "Premium_LRS" storage account type
* Mobile Service
* Updated restart to only restart service. Add redeploy command to ensure mobile service runtime is using latest.
* Added new required --push parameter to azure mobile create to specify push mode for node services. Options are legacy and nh.
* Updated mobile tests for new gcm string and notification hub errors
* Websites
* Fixed issues in site log set command with storage account option
* VM
* Fixed azure vm create issue because of required storage account type
* General Fixes
* Fixed azure login issues in AzureChinaCloud
* Added location Australia, Australia South East, Japan East, Japan West and East US 2 for resource group
* Moved azure.err file to user's home directory/.azure/azure.err
* Fixed managing two subscriptions with same name issue
* Updated with Ubuntu installation instructions
2014.12.05 Version 0.8.13
* Upgraded the sites cli to work with latest breaking changes in the Azure Web Sites API.
* Upgraded the storage cli to work with latest breaking changes in the Azure Storage API.
* Added an option to delete SB Namepsace in mobile delete command
* VM
* Support for capturing VM as VM image
* Disk host caching while attaching disk
* Support for region wise VNet
* Bug fix: unable to create affinity group as a part of vnet creation
* Bug fix: don't re-throw 404 error from get network config
* Support for internal load balancer
2014.11.12 Version 0.8.12
* Fix Mobile CLI Tests and recorded mocks
* Fix for HDInsight commands in Azure China environment
* Storage
* Updated azure-storage dependency to 0.4.0
* Improved the blob downloading and uploading speed
* VM
* VM create command bug fixes
* Skip zero blocks when uploading fixed VHD
* Commands to manage virtual machine endpoint ACL
* Commands to manage virtual machine public IP
* Support for creating virtual machine from VM image
2014.10.27 Version 0.8.11
* Credential store bug fixes
* Clean credential store on account clear command
* Remove old credential entries on login
* Storage
* Add new commands to manage Storage logging properties
storage logging show [options]
storage logging set [options]
* Add new commands to manage Storage metrics properties
storage metrics show [options]
storage metrics set [options]
* Add SAS token support for blob download/copy
* Documentation and helper commands to enable Fiddler tracing
2014.10.02 Version 0.8.10
* VM
* Create and manage VM extensions
* Create and manage reserved IP addresses
* Fixed issues in vm image list command
* Fixed issues in --no-ssh-password parameter handling in vm create command
* Storage
* SAS support
azure storage container sas create
azure storage blob sas create
azure storage table sas create
azure storage queue sas create
* Storage unit test fixes
* Moved the GraphRbacManagementClient in a separate module named 'azure-extra' published to npm
* Fixed issues in token caching mechanism and the azure login command
* Fixed issues in npm install azure-cli on Ubuntu OS
* Fixed website tests
* Fixed the test recording infrastructure
2014.09.10 Version 0.8.8
* Role-based access control support
* Query role definition
Azure role list
* Manage role assignment
azure role assignment create
azure role assignment list/show
azure role assignment delete
* Query Azure AD object
azure AD user list/show
azure AD group list/show
azure AD group member list
azure AD SP list/show
* Show user's permissions
azure group list/show
azure resource list/show
* Active Directory service principal login support in Azure Resource Manager mode
azure login --service-principal -tenant
* Storage
* Azure File Service support
azure storage share create
azure storage share list/show
azure storage share delete
azure storage directory create
azure storage directory delete
azure storage file upload
azure storage file download
azure storage file list
azure storage file delete
* Azure Blob Service improvements
azure storage blob copy start
azure storage blob copy stop
azure storage blob copy show
* Azure Table Service support
azure storage table create
azure storage table list/show
azure storage table delete
* Azure Queue Service Support
azure storage queue create
azure storage queue list/show
azure storage queue delete
* Switched storage library to Azure storage module
2014.08.04 Version 0.8.7
* Fixed issues with vm commands (vm image, vm docket create)
* Added support for A8, A9 vm sizes in vm create command
* Fixed user logout scenario issues and bumped up the credential size
* Rebranding from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure
* Test fixes
2014.07.16 Version 0.8.6
* Store user credentials in the windows credential store
* Azure Resource Manager Tags (in arm mode)
* azure tag create/list/show/delete
* tags parameter in azure group create/set and azure resource create/set
* tags parameter in azure group list and azure resource list
* Support PHP version 5.5 for web site options
2014.07.07 Version 0.8.5
* Active directory authentication support for
* azure vm
* azure vnet
* azure mobile
* Command to create docker VM in azure
* azure vm docker create
* Store active drectory token in key chain on Mac
2014.05.30 Version 0.8.4
* Active directory support for AzureChinaCloud
* Bug fixes for AzureChinaCloud endpoints
* Dropped support for Node version 0.6
* Test system improvements
2014.05.07 Version 0.8.3
* Bug fixes
* Engineering and infrastructure improvements
2014.04.10 Version 0.8.2
* Hotfix to correct issue with azure mobile create command
2014.04.03 Version 0.8.0
* Azure Resource Manager commands (preview)
* "azure config" mode to switch mode between service management and resource manager.
* Resource groups
* azure group create/list/show/delete
* azure group log show
* Templates
* azure group template list/show/download/validate
* Deployments
* azure group deployment create/list/show
* Resources
* azure resource create/set/list/show/delete
* Azure Active Directory authentication with Organizational ID
* Log in directly from the command line using Organizational ID (create one for free in your subscription)
* azure login/logout
* Doesn't work with the following commands for now
* azure vm
* azure network
* azure mobile
2014.01.20 - version 0.7.5
* Added web site slots support
* Added web jobs support
* CloudInit support for Ubuntu VM via "azure vm create -d"
* Multiple bugfixes
2013.11.13 - version 0.7.4
* azure site set --web-socket --disable-web-socket to enable/disable WebSocket
* azure site set --remote-debugging --disable-remote-debugging --remote-debugging-version to enable/disable/set remote debugging for .NET application.
* azure site set --managed-pipeline-mode to choose between Classic and Integrated.
* Multiple bugfixes
2013.10.18 - version 0.7.3
* #961 - Fixed issue with site connection strings
* #712 - Add support for VM shutdown on stop
* #876 - Improve azure site show appearance
* #966 - Fixed issue with incorrect service endpoint being used from publish settings
* #987 - Fix issue with "azure site download" on windows
* #925 - Making "azure site create" show template based error instead of generic one
* #963 - Update kudu script module to version 0.1.5
* Upgrade to latest SDK (which uses generated website wrappers)
* Supports the new high-memory A5 instance size (2 cores, 14GB RAM)
2013.09.24 - version 0.7.2
* Multiple bugfixes
2013.08.26 - version 0.7.1
* Added blob storage commands
* azure storage blob list
* azure storage blob show
* azure storage blob upload
* azure storage blob download
* azure storage blob delete
* Added azure account cert export
* Multiple bug fixes
2013.07.31 - version 0.7.0
* Added network commands
* Added more site commands
* azure site set
* azure site cert
* azure site connectionstring
* azure site defaultdocument
* azure site domain
* azure site handler
* Improved site list to show locations
* Renamed azure site config (will be removed in a future version) to azure site appsettings
* Renamed azure account storage (will be removed in a future version) to azure storage account
* Reduced CLI generic help
* Added bash auto-complete support for commands and categories
* Fixed generic options (--json and --verbose) to only show up where they work
* Improved and updated setup experience
* Multiple bug fixes and test infrastructure improvement
2013.07.15 - version 0.6.18
* Added website diagnostics configuration command
* azure site log set
* Added more storage container commands
* azure storage container show
* azure storage container create
* azure storage container set
* azure storage container delete
* Multiple fixes
* Made module global by default
* Added scenario tests
2013.06.20 - version 0.6.17
* HDInsight commands
* Added cucumber tests
* Multiple fixes to support Azure China
* Multiple VM fixes
* New azure site repository sync command to sync the deployment of a website
* New azure mobile recover command to recover of an unhealthy mobile service
* Command to list Microsoft Azure Storage container
* azure storage container list
2013.05.13 - version 0.6.16
* Fixed issue with registered resources on account import.
* Fixed jsHint errors.
* Multiple fixes to support different REST endpoints / environments.
* Dinamicaly fetch locations for websites instead of hardcoding them.
* Fixed issues around first website creation to enable this scenario more easily.
2013.04.21 - version 0.6.15
* Locked package.json dependencies to patch versions.
2013.04.03 - version 0.6.14
* Adding node 0.10 support.
* Fixed issue when importing publishsettings files for a brand new Azure account.
2013.03.19 - version 0.6.13
* Switch "azure site repository delete" to use the new api. Old api will be deprecated in 08/13 and users using old SDK will need upgrade.
* Adding support for creating and deleting affinity groups
* Changed the option names to --description and --affinity-group on the storage command
* "azure site scale" - change the scaling mode of websites
2013.03.12 - Version 0.6.12
* Added constraint to package.json to restrict to node versions < 0.9.
2012.12.12 - Version 0.6.11
* "azure sql" - manage Azure SQL Server servers, databases and firewall rules
* "azure site log tail" - realtime streaming logs over Microsoft Azure.
* "azure mobile script upload" - now supports shared and scheduler scripts #179
* "azure mobile show" - now displays scale information #139
* "azure mobile scale" - allows managing scale out for your mobile app #139
* "azure mobile job" - allows managing scheduled jobs #78
* "azure mobile data truncate" - allows truncating mobile tables #164
* "azure site deploymentscript" - bunch of fixes
2012.12.22 - Version 0.6.10
* Fix require issue with unix based systems
* Fix issue with deployment scripts
2012.12.12 - Version 0.6.9
* "azure portal" - replaces "azure vm portal" and "azure site portal".
* "azure mobile" - Manages Azure Mobile Services
* "azure sb namespace" - Manages Service Bus namespaces
* "azure site deploymentscript" - Generates deployment scripts for customizing your website deployment
* "azure vm create -o" - Create VMs using community/OSS images
* "azure vm endpoint create-multiple" - Create multiple VM endpoints in one shot.
2012.11.20 - Version 0.6.8
* Initial release of stand alone CLI.
* New commands for managing storage accounts
* Support for new .publishsettings file format
* Several bug fixes for github repos.
========== CLI Split =========
2012.10.15 Version 0.6.7
* Adding connection strings support for storage and service bus
* Fixing issue with EMULATED and explicit variables making the later more relevant
* Adding Github support
* Adding website application settings support
2012.10.12 Version 0.6.6
* Using fixed version of commander.js to avoid bug in commander.js 1.0.5
2012.10.01 Version 0.6.5
* Bugfixing
2012.09.18 Version 0.6.4
* Multiple Bugfixes around blob streaming
2012.09.09 Version 0.6.3
* Fixing issue with xml2js
2012.08.15 Version 0.6.2
* Multiple Bugfixes
2012.07.02 Version 0.6.1
* Multiple Bugfixes
* Adding subscription setting and listing functionality.
2012.06.06 Version 0.6.0
* Adding CLI tool
* Multiple Bugfixes
2012.04.19 Version 0.5.3
* Service Runtime Wrappers
* Multiple Bugfixes
* Unit tests converted to mocha and code coverage made easy through JSCoverage
2012.02.10 Version 0.5.2
* Service Bus Wrappers
* Storage Services UT run against a mock server.
* Node.exe version requirement lowered to raise compatibility.
* Multiple Bugfixes
2011.12.14 Version 0.5.1
* Multiple bug fixes
2011.12.09 Version 0.5.0
* Initial Release
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