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@amarzavery amarzavery released this

2015.03.27 Version 0.8.17

  • General Fixes
    • Fixed Improper JSON for vm image show #1611
    • Fixed account-affinitygroup show command #1633
    • Fixed an issue in vm export command #1635, #1514
    • Updated kuduscript for website deployment
    • Fixed Sql Server deletion issue in mobile service commands
    • Updated default docker extension version to 0.6
    • Fixed issues in windows and mac installer
  • Test Infrastructure Optimization
    • Reduced the time to run mocked tests
    • Every test can be recorded to its individual test file
    • Ensure test bed reliability for different versions of node.js

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@amarzavery amarzavery released this · 104 commits to master since this release

  • VM
    • Feature
      • azure vm extension set-chef
      • azure vm extension get-chef
    • Issue fixes to address the following IAAS related issues
      • azure vm endpoint acl-rule create parser error: --description is incorrectly a bool #1500
      • azure vm create fails for specialized image: Cannot set property 'mediaLink' of undefined #1516
      • Azure vm disk attach properties (such as host-caching) not discoverable #1554
      • Can not copy a image blob between storage accounts #1565
      • -u is used for username as well as blob-url in the vm create command #1566
      • error: undefined is not a function #1575
      • Add support for changing cache policy of attached disk #1583
      • azure vm endpoint create fails with lb-set option #1594
    • Issue fixes to address the following IAAS related issues
      • network import doesn't pass LocalNetworkSites #1416
      • network vnet create destroys subscription's "local network" #1569
      • azure network vnet create - Error - Cannot read property #1589
  • General Fixes
    • use streamline version 0.10.17 to make it work for node version 0.12.0 upward
    • Restricted use of jshint to version <= 2.6.0 due to issues with later versions
    • Fixed issues when azure cli is used via proxy



@yugangw-msft yugangw-msft released this · 357 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.15 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

*Used "Microsoft Azure Client Library for node" version 0.10.4
*Added custom domains functionality to mobile service commands



@amarzavery amarzavery released this · 393 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.14 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • Storage
    • Added support for storage "stored access policy" and update storage SDK
    • Added support for creating XIO storage accounts
    • Added support for "Premium_LRS" storage account type
  • Mobile Service
    • Updated restart to only restart service. Add redeploy command to ensure mobile service runtime is using latest.
    • Added new required --push parameter to azure mobile create to specify push mode for node services. Options are legacy and nh.
    • Updated mobile tests for new gcm string and notification hub errors
  • Websites
    • Fixed issues in site log set command with storage account option
  • VM
    • Fixed azure vm create issue because of required storage account type
  • General Fixes
    • Fixed azure login issues in AzureChinaCloud
    • Added location Australia, Australia South East, Japan East, Japan West and East US 2 for resource group
    • Moved azure.err file to user's home directory/.azure/azure.err
    • Fixed managing two subscriptions with same name issue
    • Updated with Ubuntu installation instructions



@amarzavery amarzavery released this · 461 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.13 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • VM
    • Support for capturing VM as VM image
    • Disk host caching while attaching disk
    • Add SAS token support for blob download/copy
    • Support for region wise VNet
    • Bug fix: unable to create affinity group as a part of vnet creation
    • Bug fix: don't re-throw 404 error from get network config
    • Support for internal load balancer
    • Upgraded the storage cli to work with latest breaking changes in the Azure Storage API
    • Upgraded the sites cli to work with latest breaking changes in the Azure Web Sites API
    • Added an option to delete SB Namepsace in mobile delete command



@markcowl markcowl released this

npm install azure-cli@0.8.12 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • Fix Mobile CLI Tests and recorded mocks
  • Fix for HDInsight commands in Azure China environment
  • Storage
    • Updated azure-storage dependency to 0.4.0
    • Improved the blob downloading and uploading speed
  • VM
    • VM create command bug fixes
    • Skip zero blocks when uploading fixed VHD
    • Commands to manage virtual machine endpoint ACL
    • Commands to manage virtual machine public IP
    • Support for creating virtual machine from VM image



@yugangw-msft yugangw-msft released this

npm install azure-cli@0.8.11 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • Credential store bug fixes
    • Clean credential store on account clear command
    • Remove old credential entries on login
  • Storage
    • Add new commands to manage Storage logging properties
      • azure storage logging show [options]
      • azure storage logging set [options]
    • Add new commands to manage Storage metrics properties
      • storage metrics show [options]
      • storage metrics set [options]
    • Add SAS token support for blob download/copy
  • Documentation and helper commands to enable Fiddler tracing



@guangyang guangyang released this · 682 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.10 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • VM
    • Create and manage VM extensions
    • Create and manage reserved IP addresses
    • Fixed issues in vm image list command
    • Fixed issues in --no-ssh-password parameter handling in vm create command
  • Storage
    • SAS support
      • azure storage container sas create
      • azure storage blob sas create
      • azure storage table sas create
      • azure storage queue sas create
    • Storage unit test fixes
  • Moved the GraphRbacManagementClient in a separate module named 'azure-extra' published to npm
  • Fixed issues in token caching mechanism and the azure login command
  • Fixed issues in npm install azure-cli on Ubuntu OS
  • Fixed website tests
  • Fixed the test recording infrastructure



@guangyang guangyang released this · 802 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.8 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • Role-based access control support
    • Query role definition
      • Azure role list
    • Manage role assignment
      • azure role assignment create
      • azure role assignment list/show
      • azure role assignment delete
    • Query Azure AD object
      • azure ad user list/show
      • azure ad group list/show
      • azure ad group member list azure ad SP list/show
    • Show user's permissions
      • azure group list/show
      • azure resource list/show
  • Active Directory service principal login support in Azure Resource Manager mode
    • azure login --service-principal --tenant
  • Storage
    • Azure File Service support
      • azure storage share create
      • azure storage share list/show
      • azure storage share delete
      • azure storage directory create
      • azure storage directory delete
      • azure storage file upload
      • azure storage file download
      • azure storage file list
      • azure storage file delete
    • Azure Blob Service improvements
      • azure storage blob copy start
      • azure storage blob copy stop
      • azure storage blob copy show
    • Azure Table Service support
      • azure storage table create
      • azure storage table list/show
      • azure storage table delete
    • Azure Queue Service Support
      • azure storage queue create
      • azure storage queue list/show
      • azure storage queue delete
    • Switched storage library to Azure storage module


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