@guangyang guangyang released this Oct 3, 2014 · 6076 commits to dev since this release

npm install azure-cli@0.8.10 -g
Installers: Windows | Mac | Linux

  • VM
    • Create and manage VM extensions
    • Create and manage reserved IP addresses
    • Fixed issues in vm image list command
    • Fixed issues in --no-ssh-password parameter handling in vm create command
  • Storage
    • SAS support
      • azure storage container sas create
      • azure storage blob sas create
      • azure storage table sas create
      • azure storage queue sas create
    • Storage unit test fixes
  • Moved the GraphRbacManagementClient in a separate module named 'azure-extra' published to npm
  • Fixed issues in token caching mechanism and the azure login command
  • Fixed issues in npm install azure-cli on Ubuntu OS
  • Fixed website tests
  • Fixed the test recording infrastructure