Supporting Corporate Proxy

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Supporting Corporate Proxy


For now due to the authentication schematics of Azure Service, the cross-platform CLI needs to pass an authentication payload through the HTTPS request, which will be denied at authentication time at your corporate proxy. Original customer complaint is here:

So by executing azure login you will receive a TIMEOUT message. By checking the HTTP traffic in Wireshark, you can find a 403 forbidden - this is expected.


For now we don't have a universal solution towards this problem. We may consider adding proxy configuration into azure config in the future.

For now, a good solution is to set up a public proxy of your own and connect to that before using Azure service. Your HTTPS request will have no problem going through your own public proxy and being authenticated.


Interestingly, this was also a similar issue reported in npm project. You can find many solutions from the community here: For more questions, please feel free to contact us.

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