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Ubuntu (upstart) installation instructions

These instructions are valid for Ubuntu versions using upstart init system.

Step 1. Build or Download

Use instructions in the repository root to compile a binary for Linux or go to “Releases” section to download a version.

Place the binary to /usr/bin/azurefile-dockervolumedriver and make it executable with chmod +x <path>.

Step 2. Copy init script

Copy the .conf file in this directory to /etc/init/azurefile-dockervolumedriver.conf of the Ubuntu machine.

Step 3. Copy the configuration file

Copy the .default file in this directory to /etc/default/azurefile-dockervolumedriver, without trailing extension.

Open the file and edit the storage credentials to be used in the virtual machine.

Step 4. Start the process

Once the files are copied, run these commands as sudo:

initctl reload-configuration
initctl start azurefile-dockervolumedriver

Now the volume driver plugin service should be started on the machine. Verify by running:

initctl status azurefile-dockervolumedriver

and you should see an output saying “start/running” for the service.

From this point on every time the plugin service crashes or the system reboots, it should be stated again by upstart.

Step 5. Validate

Create a volume using docker CLI and create a container with this volume to see if you can write to the Azure File Service share.

docker volume create -d azurefile -o share=myshare --name=myvol
docker run -i -t -v myvol:/data busybox
(inside the container)
# cd /data
# touch file.txt


If you have any problems logging should end up in /var/log/upstart/azurefile-dockervolumedriver.log