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Installing the "Nightly" build of bicep CLI and VS Code extension

Note: only install the nightly if you'd like to try the bleeding edge capabilities of bicep. These are much more likely to have undiscovered bugs or other issues. If you find anything, please open an issue.

We are not currently publishing "nightly" releases, but you can grab the latest bits by viewing the latest Action workflows for the main branch (or any other branch).

The easiest way to get these artifacts is through the GitHub site. Follow this link to view the latest Action workflows. Find the most recent build on the main branch and select it:

On the details page, select the artifact you would like to download.

The VSCode extension (vscode-bicep.vsix) must be unzipped and then can be installed inside of VS Code or with the code CLI.

The CLI (bicep-release-*-x64) should replace any current bicep executable that has already been added to your PATH. If you are on Windows and previously installed using the installer (bicep-setup-win-x64), then downloading and running the new installer will replace the currently installed version of bicep.