This repo contains all the materials and instructions for putting together a Oil & Gas Tank Level Forecasting solution for oil and gas companies using the Cortana Intelligence Suite.
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Oil & Gas Tank Level Forecasting Solution - A Cortana Intelligence Solution How-to Guide

Today, most facilities operate reactively to problems in tank levels. This often leads to spills, emergency shutdowns, expensive remediation costs, regulatory issues, costly repairs and fines. Tank level forecasting allows facilities to manage and abate these and other problems.

Forecasts are created by harnessing the power of real-time and historical data from sensors, meters and records that is readily available.

  • Prevent tank spillage and emergency shutdowns
  • Discover hardware malfunction or failure
  • Schedule maintenance, shutdowns, and logistics
  • Optimize operations and facility efficiency
  • Detect pipeline leaks and slugging
  • Reduce costs, fines, and downtime

The tank level forecasting process starts at the well input. Oil is measured as it comes into the facility via meters and is sent to tanks. Levels are monitored and recorded in tanks during the refining process and then oil, gas, and water output are recorded via sensors, meters, and records. Forecasts are then made using data from the facility, forecasts can be made every 15 minutes for example.

The Cortana Intelligence Suite is adaptable and can be customized to meet different requirements that facilities and corporations have.

Solution Dashboard

The snapshot below shows an example Power BI dashboard that gives insights into the tank levels and solution.


Solution Architecture

The diagram below shows the solution architecture, which is described in more detail in the Manual Deployment Guide folder. Solution Architecture

Getting Started

This solution package contains materials to help both technical and business audiences understand our tank level forecasting solution for the oil and gas industry built on the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

Business Audiences

In this repository you will find a folder labeled Solution Overview for Business Audiences. This folder contains:

  • Infographic: covers the benefits of using advanced analytics for tank level forecasting in the oil and gas industry
  • Solution At-A-Glance: an introduction to a Cortana Intelligence Suite solution for tank level forecasting
  • Walking Deck

For more information on how to tailor Cortana Intelligence to your needs connect with one of our partners.

Technical Audiences

See the Manual Deployment Guide folder for a full set of instructions on how to put together and deploy a tank level forecasting solution using the Cortana Intelligence Suite.

For technical problems or questions about deploying this solution, please post in the issues tab of the repository.