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Readme for Windows Installation
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@@ -54,6 +54,16 @@ Once setup, you can run a live-reloading version of the app with `ember nw`. Onc
To get access to the Chromium Developer Tools, simply make a right click and select 'DevTools' - we're also pulling down the Ember Inspector, which can also be launched with a right click.
+##### Windows
+On Windows, getting all the dependencies to work can sometimes be a bit tricky. If things fail, try to run these commands before running `npm install`:
+npm install --no-optional --no-bin-links Automattic/
+npm install --no-optional --no-bin-links
+npm install --no-optional --no-bin-links testem
+npm install --global --no-optional --no-bin-links ember-cli
### Running Tests
All tests suites can be run with `npm test`.
@@ -259,8 +259,8 @@ module.exports = function (grunt) {
grunt.registerTask('copyForBuild', ['copy:nwbuildcache', 'copy:azure_storage', 'copy:memorystream', 'copy:pack', 'copy:version_file']);
grunt.registerTask('prebuild', ['clean', 'exec:build', 'file-creator:version_file', 'copyForBuild']);
grunt.registerTask('compileOSX', ['nodewebkit:osx', 'copy:bin_osx', 'appdmg', 'exec:dmgLicense']);
- grunt.registerTask('compileLinux', ['nodewebkit:linux', 'copy:bin_linux']);
- grunt.registerTask('compileWindows', ['nodewebkit:windows', 'copy:bin_windows']);
+ grunt.registerTask('compileLinux', ['nodewebkit:linux', 'copy:bin_linux', 'copy:license_linux']);
+ grunt.registerTask('compileWindows', ['nodewebkit:windows', 'copy:bin_windows', 'copy:license_windows']);
grunt.registerTask('compileWindowsWithIcon', ['nodewebkit:windowsWithIcon', 'copy:bin_windows']);
grunt.registerTask('compile', ['prebuild', 'compileOSX', 'compileWindows', 'compileLinux']);
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