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GitHub action to log in to Azure Container Registry (ACR) or any private container registry


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Warning This project is not maintained anymore. I'll upgrade minimal things to fix vulnerabilities and upgrade nodeJs version for compatibility. Please prefer github/docker-login

Log in to a container registry

Use this GitHub Action to log in to a private container registry such as Azure Container registry. Once login is done, the next set of actions in the workflow can perform tasks such as building, tagging and pushing containers.

- uses: azure/docker-login@v2
    login-server: '<login server>' # default:
    username: '<username>'
    password: '<password>'

Refer to the action metadata file for details about all the inputs: action.yml

When using the docker-login action, ensure your login-server matches the fully qualified path to your image. You should omit login-server if you are pushing to the default docker hub without a host prefix, for instance, docker push repo/image. You'll need to specify a login-server if you are using the fully qualified path: docker push

Logging in to multiple registries

To log in to multiple registries, simply run this action several times with different credentials; they will accumulate.

- uses: azure/docker-login@v2
    username: ${{ secrets.ACR_USERNAME }}
    password: ${{ secrets.ACR_PASSWORD }}
- uses: azure/docker-login@v2
    username: ${{ secrets.DOCKERIO_USERNAME }}
    password: ${{ secrets.DOCKERIO_PASSWORD }}
- run: |
    docker pull
    docker pull private/image:latest

You can build and push container registry by using the following example

- uses: azure/docker-login@v2
    username: ${{ secrets.REGISTRY_USERNAME }}
    password: ${{ secrets.REGISTRY_PASSWORD }}

- run: |
    docker build . -t${{ github.sha }}
    docker push${{ github.sha }}


Get the username and password of your container registry and create secrets for them. For Azure Container registry refer to admin account document for username and password.

Now add the username and password as a secret in the GitHub repository.


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