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jhendrixMSFT v12.3.0 (#418)
* Deserialize additionalInfo in ARM error

* Allow a new authorizer to be created from a configuration file by specifying a resource instead of a base url.

This enables resource like KeyVault and Container Registry to use an authorizer configured from a configuration file.

* [WIP] Using the Context from the timeout if provided (#315)

* Using the timeout from the context if available

- Makes PollingDuration optional

* Renaming the registration start time

* Making PollingDuration not a pointer

* fixing a broken reference

* Add NewAuthorizerFromCli method which uses Azure CLI to obtain a token for the currently logged in user, for  local development scenarios. (#316)

* Adding User assigned identity support for the MSIConfig authorizor (#332)

* Adding ByteSlicePtr (#399)

* Adding a new `WithXML` method (#402)

* Add HTTP status code response helpers (#403)

Added IsHTTPStatus() and HasHTTPStatus() methods to autorest.Response

* adding a new preparer for `MERGE` used in the Storage API's (#406)

* New Preparer/Responder for `Unmarshalling Bytes` (#407)

* New Preparer: WithBytes

* New Responder: `ByUnmarshallingBytes`

* Reusing the bytes, rather than copying them

* Fixing the broken test / switching to read the bytes directly

* Support HTTP-Date in Retry-After header (#410)

RFC specifies Retry-After header can be integer value expressing seconds
or an HTTP-Date indicating when to try again.
Removed superfluous check for HTTP status code.

* Add support for multi-tenant authentication (#412)

* Add support for multi-tenant authentication

Support for multi-tenant via x-ms-authorization-auxiliary header has
been added for client credentials with secret scenario; this basically
bundles multiple OAuthConfig and ServicePrincipalToken types into
corresponding MultiTenant* types along with a new authorizer that adds
the primary and auxiliary token headers to the reqest.
The authenticaion helpers have been updated to support this scenario; if
environment var AZURE_AUXILIARY_TENANT_IDS is set with a semicolon
delimited list of tenants the multi-tenant codepath will kick in to
create the appropriate authorizer.

* feedback

* rename Options to OAuthOptions (#415)

* Support custom SendDecorator chains via context (#417)

* Support custom SendDecorator chains via context

Added `autorest.WithSendDecorators` and `autorest.GetSendDecorators` for
adding and retrieving a custom chain of SendDecorators to the provided
Added `autorest.DoRetryForStatusCodesWithCap` and
`autorest.DelayForBackoffWithCap` to enforce an upper bound on the
duration between retries.
Fixed up some code comments.

* small refactor based on PR feedback

* remove some changes for dev branch

* v12.3.0
Latest commit 2913f26 Jul 8, 2019
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auth v12.3.0 (#418) Jul 8, 2019
cli create cli module (#391) Apr 19, 2019
example Fix race condition in token auto-refresh. (#245) Feb 5, 2018
testdata Add KeyVaultResourceURL (#367) Apr 17, 2019
async.go v12.0.0 (#385) Apr 17, 2019
async_test.go v12.0.0 (#385) Apr 17, 2019
azure.go v10.13.0 (#297) Jul 13, 2018
azure_test.go v10.13.0 (#297) Jul 13, 2018
environments_test.go Add KeyVaultResourceURL (#367) Apr 17, 2019
metadata_environment.go added new method to load environment from URL and added UTs (#258) Mar 21, 2018
rp.go v11.0.0 (#326) Sep 29, 2018
rp_test.go Add Go 1.11 to CI and update dependencies (#310) Aug 28, 2018
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