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@echo off
set server=%1
set scenario="%~dp0www\%2\wcat.ubr"
set clients=localhost
set vclients=2000
set wcat="%programfiles%\WCAT\wcat.wsf"
if [%3] neq [] set clients=%3
if "%4" neq "" set vclients=%4
if not exist %scenario% goto help
if not exist %wcat% (
echo FAILED. The wcat.wsf was not found at %wcat%. Install a copy of WCAT first. Check the readme.txt.
exit /b -1
copy /y "%programfiles%\WCAT\report.xsl" "%~dp0"
cscript %wcat% -terminate -update -clients %clients%
if %ERRORLEVEL% neq 0 (
echo FAILED. Error initializing WCAT client.
exit /b -1
cscript %wcat% -terminate -run -clients %clients% -t %scenario% -s %server% -p 31416 -v %vclients% -singleip -x
if %ERRORLEVEL% neq 0 (
echo FAILED. Error running WCAT client.
exit /b -1
exit /b 0
echo Usage: client.bat ^<server^> ^<scenario^> ^[^"^<clients^"^> ^[^<vclients^>^]^]
echo ^<server^> - server host name
echo ^<scenario^> - name of one of the subdirectories of %~dp0www
echo ^<clients^> - comma delimited list of WCAT client machines to use; defaults to localhost
echo ^<vclients^> - number of virtual clients per physical client; defaults to 2000
exit /b -1
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