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add iisexpress installation instructions

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@@ -6,8 +6,9 @@ Hosting node.js applications in IIS on Windows
- Windows
- IIS 7.x with IIS Management Tools
- Latest node.exe Windows build from []( saved to %systemdrive%\node directory
-- [Visual Studio C++ Express]( (development only)
-- [IIS 7 header files from Windows SDK]( (development only)
+- [Visual Studio C++ Express]( (building iisnode only)
+- [IIS 7 header files from Windows SDK]( (building iisnode only)
+- your favorite text editor; [WebMatrix]( is recommended (developing node.js apps on Windows only)
@@ -19,15 +20,19 @@ For 64 bit Windows:
msbuild /p:Platform=x64 src\iisnode\iisnode.sln
-**Installing after build**
+**Installing for IIS 7.x after build**
-**Installing from a download**
+**Installing for IIS 7.x from a download**
-- [Download and unzip desired build](
+- [Download and unzip desired build for 32 or 64 bit Windows](
- call install.bat
+**Installing for IIS Express/WebMatrix**
+- [Check out the walkthhrough](

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