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iisnode wiki

what is iisnode

iisnode is a native IIS module that allows hosting of node.js applications in IIS on Windows.


  • Process management. The iisnode module takes care of lifetime management of node.exe processes making it simple to improve overall reliability. You don’t have to implement infrastructure to start, stop, and monitor the processes.
  • Side by side with other content types. The iisnode module integrates with IIS in a way that allows a single web site to contain a variety of content types. For example, a single site can contain a node.js application, static HTML and JavaScript files, PHP applications, and ASP.NET applications. This enables choosing the best tools for the job at hand as well progressive migration of existing applications.
  • Scalability on multi-core servers. Since node.exe is a single threaded process, it only scales to one CPU core. The iisnode module allows creation of multiple node.exe processes per application and load balances the HTTP traffic between them, therefore enabling full utilization of a server’s CPU capacity without requiring additional infrastructure code from an application developer.
  • Auto-update. The iisnode module ensures that whenever the node.js application is updated (i.e. the script file has changed), the node.exe processes are recycled. Ongoing requests are allowed to gracefully finish execution using the old version of the application, while all new requests are dispatched to the new version of the app.
  • Access to logs over HTTP. The iisnode module provides access the output of the node.exe process (e.g. generated by console.log calls) via HTTP. This facility is key in helping you debug node.js applications deployed to remote servers.
  • Minimal changes to node.js application code. The iisnode module enables hosting of existing HTTP node.js applications with very minimal changes. Typically all that is required is to change the listed address of the HTTP server to one provided by the iisnode module via the process.env.PORT environment variable.
  • Integrated management experience. The issnode module is fully integrated with IIS configuration system and uses the same tools and mechanism as other IIS components for configuration and maintenance.
  • Other IIS benefits. Port sharing, security, URL rewriting, compression, caching, logging


installing for IIS 7.x from a download

installing for IIS Express (WebMatrix) from a download:

(Note: you must use x86 build on both 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms)

On 32 bit Windows systems: install_iisexpress.bat

On 64 bit Windows systems: %systemroot%\syswow64\cmd.exe /C install_iisexpress.bat


http://localhost/node (available after IIS 7.x installation)


32 bit: msbuild /p:Platform=Win32 src\iisnode\iisnode.sln

64 bit: msbuild /p:Platform=x64 src\iisnode\iisnode.sln

installing for IIS 7.x after build

From administrative command windows: build\debug\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%\install.bat

installing for IIS Express (WebMatrix) from a build:

(Note: you must use x86 build on both 32 and 64 bit Windows platforms)

On 32 bit Windows systems: build\debug\x86\install_iisexpress.bat

On 64 bit Windows systems: %systemroot%\syswow64\cmd.exe /C build\debug\x86\install_iisexpress.bat

running tests

First install for IIS 7.x (see previous sections), then: test\functional\test.bat


iisnode faq


the basics
using with express framework
using with URL rewrite module
using with WebMatrix and IIS Express
using with mongodb

resources & documentation

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