A service broker to manage multiple Azure services in Cloud Foundry
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Meta Azure Service Broker

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We recently announced the Open Service Broker for Azure, a new implementation of our service broker that is Open Service Broker-compatible and can be deployed on multiple cloud native platforms, including Kubernetes, in addition to Cloud Foundry. OSBA is currently in preview, but it will eventually replace the Meta Azure Service Broker (MASB). During the OSBA preview period, you should continue to use the MASB for production scenarios. We will provide detailed migration guidance in early 2018. Feel free to send your feedback and questions to the MASB issue section.

Cloud Foundry on Azure is generally available. If you want to try it, please follow the guidance.


You need an Azure account. With the account, you need to prepare a service principal and SQL Database on Azure which will be used in the deployment of the service broker. For the service offerings and plans, please refer to each specific service.

How to deploy and use

The provided services

The services provided by the broker:

The user-provided services:


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