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nikg commented Nov 6, 2012

Hi -

I am looping through a large dataset (10K records) from SQL (SQL Express, local) with the data being exported into MongoDB programmatically.

For each row I return I get an [ID], and then run through another query against a linked table, to select * where ID = [ID] to get returning a number of results that I then add to a Js object as a nested object. I then run another query against another linked table, to create another nested JS object -- you get the idea.

What happens is after about 1,200+ records, I start getting SQL errors for the nested table queries:

[Error: 08001: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Shared Memory Provider: Timeout error [258]. ]

I increased the timeout in the conn_str to 100, but still getting same error:
Connection Timeout=100

I suspect that because I am running SQL queries as a function within a function within a function, maybe things get bogged down?

Are there any examples of how to run multiple nested queries in NodeJS without SQL timing out?

jkint commented Nov 6, 2012

Can you post a version of the script that exhibits the problem?

As for examples, this is a preview release, so it is not entirely vetted yet, nor do we have that many examples. However, this does sound like a problem that we want to fix sooner than later.


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Closed due to inactivity.

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