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OSBA Versions and Module Stability

OSBA has an overall stability, defined by its release version, which is based on semver, but each of its services also has a stability label.

Note that OSBA services refer to the catalog offering, and not necessarily one specific Azure service.

Overall Stability and OSBA Version

We version OSBA generally via its release version to indicate its overall stability. Generally, this includes how well it's tested, its stability "in the wild," how many people using it, bug reports, and more.

But when we increase a semver MAJOR, MINOR or PATCH version, we also take into account if any of the OSBA services change in stability. Read on for how this works.

Service Stability

We indicate a stability for each service in the OSBA catalog and docs to indicate how mature it is. Each service may have a different stability:

  • experimental - We have an idea for a new service in the catalog that we want to support, but don't have a good idea how it should look. We are essentially “throwing something against the wall” to see if it'll stick. Experimental services may be radically changed or removed at any time
  • preview - We have a better understanding how a service should look, but we don't yet guarantee backward compatibility. We do guarantee that this service won't go back to experimental, so we are committing to making it exist in some shape or form
  • stable - We now understand usage patterns of the service very well and we guarantee full backward compatibility. We will not promote a service to stable if the Azure service it provisions is not GA.

We've added these stability labels so that services can move freely and independently across semver releases, which is important so we can improve an individual service, or subset of service at one time.

Note: when OSBA v1.0.0 is released, all services that were available as preview or experimental will not be available anymore, except for the following:

  • All services in the catalog that offer PostgreSQL
  • All services in the catalog that offer SQL Server
  • All services in the catalog that offer MySQL

If you need to use any of the services that are removed in v1.0.0 immediately, please downgrade to a version prior to v1.0.0. The removed services will be re-added in minor releases following v1.0.0.

Service Stability and OSBA Version

We correlate service stability changes to OSBA version changes according to the following rules:

  • If a service stability goes from experimental to preview, a semver MINOR or MAJOR release must happen
  • If a service stability goes from preview to stable, a semver MINOR or MAJOR release must happen
  • If any service's stability goes "down" (from stable to preview or experimental, or from preview to experimental), a MAJOR release must happen (this would be a breaking change)
    • Downgrading a service's stability will be rare