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Azure Solution Blueprint - Payment processing solution for PCI DSS enablement


The Azure blueprint solution is intended to simplify azure adoption, showcase commonly used reference architecture, and teach how to deploy a secure and compliant PaaS solution for customer considering the complexities of storing sensitive payment card related data.


All documentation is now avalible on and can be accessed via


June 2017

This document is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT AND AVYAN MAKE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. This document is provided “as-is.” Information and views expressed in this document, including URL and other Internet website references, may change without notice. Customers reading this document bear the risk of using it. This document does not provide customers with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft or Avyan product or solutions. Customers may copy and use this document for their internal, reference purposes. NOTE: Certain recommendations in this paper may result in increased data, network, or compute resource usage in Azure, and may increase a customer’s Azure license or subscription costs. The solution in this document is intended as a reference architecture pilot and should not be used as-is for production purposes. Achieving PCI compliance requires that customers consult with their Qualified Security Assessor.

This solution was developed cooperatively by Microsoft and Avyan consulting.

Authors of the document

  • Frank Simorjay (Microsoft)
  • Gururaj Pandurangi (Avyan Consulting)