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This repo is for the reporting of issues found with Azure Service Fabric.
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Azure Service Fabric Issues

This repo is intended for reporting and tracking general issues and small feature requests for Azure Service Fabric. Parts of Service Fabric are now open source. If you have issues, feature requests, or feature proposals for the parts of Service Fabric that are open source, please use those repos instead:

We are also actively monitoring the following forums and recommend that you use them as described below:

StackOverflow and MSDN

The Service Fabric tag on StackOverflow and the Service Fabric forum on MSDN are best used for asking questions about how the platform works and how you might accomplish certain tasks with it.

Azure Feedback forum

The Azure Feedback Forum for Service Fabric is the best place for submitting big feature ideas you have for the product as we review the most popular requests are part of our medium to long-term planning. We encourage you to rally support for your suggestions within the community. conceptual documentation comments via Disqus

The comment threads on the Service Fabric conceptual documentation are the right place to report errors in the documentation itself or to report issues that occurred while following along with a given article. If the issue you're encountering turns out to be a product bug, we will transfer it to the issues list in this repo and link to it in the Disqus thread.

GitHub repos for Service Fabric samples

You should continue to use the dedicated repos for reporting issues with Service Fabric samples. Since the samples are fully open-source, those repos will operate like traditional GitHub projects.

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