Platform module daemons for SONiC
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kevinwangsk and jleveque [sonic-psud] add a new daemon sonic-psud to platform monitor (#20)
* This new daemon will periodcally read PSU presence and status from sysfs and write to DB
* CLI will get the PSU presence and status from DB directly.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Wang <>
Latest commit e5d8155 Jan 7, 2019

SONiC: Software for Open Networking in the Cloud


Daemons for controlling platform-specific functionality in SONiC

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For example:

swss-common: Stabilize the ConsumerTable

* Fixing autoreconf
* Fixing unit-tests by adding checkers and initialize the DB before start
* Adding the ability to select from multiple channels
* Health-Monitor - The idea of the patch is that if something went wrong with the notification channel,
  we will have the option to know about it (Query the LLEN table length).

  Signed-off-by: John Doe user@dev.null
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