Kafka Connect IoT Hub is a Kafka source connector for pumping data from Azure IoT Hub to Kafka.
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Kafka Connect Sink - to send messages from Kafka to IoT devices


Kafka Connect Azure IoT Hub

Kafka Connect Azure IoT Hub consists of 2 connectors - a source connector and a sink connector. The source connector is used to pump data from Azure IoT Hub to Apache Kafka, whereas the sink connector reads messages from Kafka and sends them to IoT devices via Azure IoT Hub. When used in tandem, the 2 connectors allow communicating with IoT devices by simply posting and reading messages to/from Kafka topics. This should make it easier for open source systems and other systems that already interface with Kafka to communicate with Azure IoT devices.

For more information on the capabilities of the connectors and how to use them, please refer to the links below -

Source Connector

Sink Connector

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