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U-SQL Avro Example

This example demonstrates how you can use U-SQL to analyze data stored in Avro files.


  1. Open Microsoft.Analytics.Samples.sln in Visual Studio 2017
  2. Build the Microsoft.Analytics.Samples solution

Register assemblies

  1. Copy the following files from your build directory to a directory in Azure Data Lake Store (e.g. \Assemblies\Avro):
  • Microsoft.Analytics.Samples.Formats.dll
  • Avro.dll
  • log4net.dll
  • Newtonsoft.Json.dll
  1. Create a database (e.g. run 1-CreateDB.usql.cs), switch to the new database
  2. Check file paths in 2-RegisterAssemblies.usql and update them if necessary
  3. register the assemblies which have previously been uploaded to ADLS by submitting 2-RegisterAssemblies.usql

Upload sample data

  1. Get an Avro sample file which contains twitter data from here.
  2. Use the Azure Data Lake Explorer (in Visual Studio, or the Azure Portal) or any other ADLS client to upload twitter.avro to a directory in Azure Data Lake Store (e.g. /TwitterStream/2016/12/twitter.avro)
  3. Check file paths in 3-SimpleAvro.usql and update them if necessary

Run the sample job

  1. Submit 3-SimpleAvro.usql and wait for the U-SQL to finish.
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