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  • SignatureProvider caching is turned ON by default.
  • Added support for JWE decompression in JwtSecurityTokenHandler.
  • Added support for RSA-PSS.
  • Added support for reading and writing multiple signatures in XML envelopes.
  • Saml(2)SecurityTokenHandlers can consume a token using an XmlReader.
  • Improved support for converting JsonWebKey to SecurityKey for crypto operations.
  • Support for ECDSA keys from JsonWebKeySet.
  • Added GetClaim() and TryGetClaim() methods to JsonWebToken.
  • Improved exception messages.

Build and Test

  • Added performance and stress test framework.
  • Published symbol packages to the symbol server, hence reducing size of main NuGet packages.
  • Reduced the netstandard 2.0 dependency graph.

Bug Fixes

  • Intermittent signature validation failures in multi-threaded environments when SignatureProvider caching is enabled.

Click here for a full list of issues that were fixed.

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