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The Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) for Android is an Auth SDK that can be used to seamlessly integrate authentication into your Android app and give access to the entire Microsoft ecosystem.

This platform allows you to easily target several identities including Azure AD (Work and School accounts), Microsoft Accounts (,, and several others), or Azure AD B2C (Social and Local accounts). Your app will then have access to the entire set of Microsoft cloud APIs including the Microsoft Graph, Office 365, Azure, and any API you want to protect.

The wiki is intended to document common patterns, error handling & debugging best practices, extra library functionality (e.g. logging, telemetry), and any active bugs or common issues with known mitigations. If you're looking for more help getting started with Azure AD, Microsoft Accounts, or Azure AD B2C, check out the full Microsoft identity platform docs. If you're looking for more info about the Microsoft Graph API, check out the Microsoft Graph docs.

If there are specific pieces of content you'd like to see or errors your app has encountered, create a Github issue letting us know!

MSAL Android Documentation

Getting started with MSAL


Advanced Features

Help and Contributing


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