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Initialization of MSAL

Before you get started, please ensure you have completed all the prerequisites.

In this document:

Initializing the ConfidentialClientApplication object

In order to use MSAL Node, you need to instantiate a ConfidentialClient object.

import * as msal from "@azure/msal-node";

const clientConfig = {
    auth: {
        clientId: "your_client_id",
        authority: "your_authority",
        clientSecret: "your_secret", // OR
        clientCertificate: {
            thumbprint: "cert_thumbprint",
            privateKey: "cert_privateKey"
        }, // OR
        clientAssertion: "assertion"
const pca = new msal.ConfidentialClientApplication(clientConfig);

Configuration Basics

Configuration options for node have common parameters and specific paremeters per authentication flow.

  • clientId is mandatory to initialize a public client application
  • authority defaults to if the user does not set it during configuration
  • A Client credential is mandatory for confidential clients. Client credential can be a:
    • clientSecret is secret string generated set on the app registration.
    • clientCertificate is a certificate set on the app registration. The thumbprint is a X.509 SHA-1 thumbprint of the certificate, and the privateKey is the PEM encoded private key. x5c is the optional X.509 certificate chain used in subject name/issuer auth scenarios.
    • clientAssertion is string that the application uses when requesting a token. The certificate used to sign the assertion should be set on the app registration. Assertion should be of type urn:ietf:params:oauth:client-assertion-type:jwt-bearer.

Configure Authority

By default, MSAL is configured with the common tenant, which is used for multi-tenant applications and applications allowing personal accounts (not B2C).

    authority: ''

If your application audience is a single tenant, you must provide an authority with your tenant id like below:

    authority: '{your_tenant_id}'

For more information on authority, please refer to: Authority in MSAL.

Advanced Configuration

Configuration has more options which are documented here.

Next Steps

Proceed to understand the public APIs provided by msal-node for acquiring tokens here