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MSAL basics

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Scenario overview

Please see the Single page application scenario to understand the scenarios in which MSAL.js can be used and the basics required for integration of MSAL.js.

Prerequisite: App registration

Before using MSAL JS, register your application in Azure portal to get your client_id. As part of the registration, you will also need to add the Web platform, enable the Implicit flow, and add the redirectURI to your application. You can follow the steps to register a SPA on the app registration steps.


Please refer Installation.

Initialization of MSAL

Please follow initializing client applications using MSAL.js to learn how to instantiate and configure the MSAL authentication context in in a JavaScript application.

Calling Login and acquire token APIS

Please read about the patterns to login with MSAL.js and acquire tokens to call APIs.

For all the public APIs available in MSAL.js, please refer the MSAL.js reference

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