This CosmosDb - quickstart sample solution demonstrate the the use of Microsoft.Azure.Documents.ConnectionPolicy.PreferredLocations to connect to desired location using Cosmos Db .NET SDK for SQL API. Based on Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDb version 1.22.0.
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Welcome to CosmosDb.QuickStart

Topic: Programatically connect to desired location using Cosmos Db .NET SDK for SQL API

Hi All!
I put together a sample quick start to help you all in customizing your Cosmos Db connection logic using Microsoft.Azure.Documents.Client.ConnectionPolicy.

This example is based on my previous sample souce code about setting Connection Mode and Protocol. You can have a look at source in github:

Changes made on this sample covers:

  1. Upgrade Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDb nuget package to Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDb version 1.22.0
  2. Included relavant logic to defined prefered locations as part of connection policy


  1. Windows 7/8.x/10 with Visual Studio 2015/2017 with .NET Framework 4.5
  2. Nuget Package Manager
  3. Setup a CosmosDb environment in Azure or use Cosmos Db Emulator (on Windows 10).

How to use the application?

  1. Open CosmosDb-QuickStart.sln
  2. Do a Nuget package restore.
  3. Update the Web.config with your cosmosDb URL and authKey.
  4. Launch the solution in debug mode.

Important Files to Consider

Web.config - All the configuration for the connection policy are driven from Web.config-> appSettings.

CosmosDbRepository.cs - Added the following line of code to Initialize() method, right after connectionPolicy object.

   //Setting read region selection preference
   connectionPolicy.PreferredLocations.Add(LocationNames.EastUS); // applications first preference
   connectionPolicy.PreferredLocations.Add(LocationNames.WestEurope); // applications second preference

   client = new DocumentClient(new Uri(Constants.endpoint), Constants.authKey, connectionPolicy);

ProTip: Source code is provided as is based on CosmosDb Basic ToDo starter application and I customized it to showcase the ConnectionPolicy implementation.

More Reads: If you want to learn about ConnectionPolicy class, you can read here.