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a deskband plus-in which can view real-time net speed
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Near graduation, due to graduation project requirement, I was busy studying machine learning, so I hadn't written c++ code for a long time. Recently I was trying to write a different code, and happened to want to make a small thing. So I tried to do this thing during the time of graduation design.


This is a desktop taskbar plug-in for viewing real-time network speeds. It uses the COM object technology of the custom DeskBand, and obtains the interface information and data of the network card with Microsoft's API, GetIfTable, to calculate and finish network speed monitoring. The rendering is as follows:


Download the release version in the release field and double-click on register.bat to complete the plug-in registration. Right-click on the taskbar menu, click the secondary menu appears on the toolbar, select the newly registered NetView.

Testing Platform

Windows10 x64

If there is a problem with other platforms, please inform me in issue, thanks~

Bug Fixed

I misunderstand the data-rate unit before. In fact, network traffic unit is often described as bit rate, which uses the bits per second unit("bit/s" or "bps") to quantify.

1Kbit/s = 1000bit/s 1Mbit/s = 1000Kbit/s 1Gbit/s = 1000Mbit/s

Sometimes, bytes per second unit("B/s") also can be used to quantify bit rate.

1B/s = 8bit/s

Bug Remaining

I don't know whether it is so frequent to refresh that flash will occur in NetView sometimes. And after it has been running for a long time, the Explorer memory will explode.

Anyone who can help me to sovle this problem would be nice! 😁


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