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FaceAPI-DAI (Detect And Identify)

This is just a 'my first' C# WPF app! ;)

An C# WPF project which uses the Azure Face API to detect and identify faces on images. It also includes Face Group, Person and Face Management. It uses the Face-API library's (Microsoft.ProjectOxford.Face). I have created this example just for myself, to get to know the Face-API and getting some dev experience! So, with this app you can:

  • Create/delete Face-API groups
  • Create/delete Face-API persons
  • Add/delete Face-API persisted Faces
  • Detect and identify Faces on pictures based on faces of persons in your Face/person Group

But let me be clear... I'm not a developer... I'm really a wannbee-developer! ;) So, don't judge my code. Honestly,.. I could not resist temptation to create an application which uses the Azure Face API.