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BDNS: Blockchain-DNS

B-DNS addon for Chrome lets you surf Namecoin and Emercoin domains: well as custom OpenNIC TLDs - .bbs, .chan and a bunch of others.

Attention: Chrome requires http:// prefix or a pathname

If you type an address like nx.bit into the address bar and hit Enter - you will be taken to Google search page. You have to type http://nx.bit or add a slash at the end: nx.bit/. See this issue for details.

Chrome screenshot

B-DNS is a public web resolver. Read more at (API description is here).

There you will also find a catalogue of existing domains in the supported blockchain name systems.

...And we're also giving out NMC/EMC domains for free.

Installing Debug Version

You can permanently load a debug (unsigned) extension into Chrome, i.e. it will survive restart.

Disable existing BDNS extension, if installed, before installing its debug version!

  1. Open Extensions tab: click on the button with 3 dots, open More tools submenu, then click on Extensions item.
  2. In the tab that has just opened, tick the checkbox named Developer mode, then click on Load unpacked extension button that should have appeared.
  3. Select the extension's directory. The directory should contain all files from the Chrome GitHub repository and all PNG images from this repository.
  4. Once the open dialog is submitted, a new extension should appear in the Extensions tab. Click on background page link (next to Inspect views) - this will open console window.
  5. In a regular Chrome tab, navigate to a resource in question (e.g. nx.bit/) - you will notice the console window is populated with lines. Select them and copy to clipboard, or use the context menu's Save as command to produce a log file. Then submit the log along with your GitHub issue.

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Chrome addon for browsing Namecoin, Emercoin and OpenNIC domains




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