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bdavis (R package)

I initially wrote this package to create a storage area for personal functions that I can autoload upon startup. I also wanted to learn how to write my own package (success!); now I can easily and cleanly incorporate personal functions into collaboritive projects.

Package download instructions

From R: Install devtools if not previously installed: install.packages("devtools") library(devtools) install_github("B-Davis/bdavis")


This package includes a few custom functions that are subject to change:

  1. scrape() # quick and dirty web scraping tool (kinda sucks)
  2. ht() # first and last 10 lines of data frame/matrix (head/tail)
  3. base.change() # converts number of any base (1-26) to same number in base of choice
  4. %nin% # inverse of %in% (not in)
  5. banner() # adds ggplot style banners to plots. Handy when paneling multiple plots using base r functions