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Shows the most recent images first (rather than starting @ oldest) #16

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First off - awesome multi-image picker!

Just a small fix that my testers were asking for - the ability to mimic the Apple UIIImagePickerController to show the most recent first.


@jonchui Did you notice that the order of albums are wrong in both iOS 4 and 5?

@jvanmetre jvanmetre merged commit e9e1aa7 into B-Sides:master
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Commits on Nov 12, 2011
  1. @jonchui

    Loads images showing most recent first, similar to UIImagePickerViewC…

    jonchui authored
    …ontroller, instead of oldest first
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  1. +3 −0  Classes/ELCAssetTablePicker.m
3  Classes/ELCAssetTablePicker.m
@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ -(void)preparePhotos {
NSLog(@"done enumerating photos");
[self.tableView reloadData];
+ // JC - start the table view at the bottom, most recent, mimic's Apple's ImagePicker
+ NSIndexPath *ipath = [NSIndexPath indexPathForRow:[self tableView:self.tableView numberOfRowsInSection:0]-1 inSection:0];
+ [self.tableView scrollToRowAtIndexPath:ipath atScrollPosition:UITableViewScrollPositionBottom animated:NO];
[self.navigationItem setTitle:@"Pick Photos"];
[pool release];
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