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This is a Drupal installation profile for B-Translator Server.


Installation is done inside a Docker container.

  • Modify and customize the settings:
    cp btr_server/install/
  • Build a Docker image:
    btr_server/ --git_branch=master
    less -r nohup-btr_server-master.out

    This will create a docker image, named btr_server:master with a minimal ubuntu system and everything that is needed for the normal work of the system.

  • Create a Docker container like this:
    docker images
    docker run -d --name=btr_server \
    	       -p 80:80 -p 443:443 btr_server:master

    Then you can stop and start the container with docker stop btr_server and docker start btr_server.

If it is installed on a local machine (for testing or development), add the domain name on /etc/hosts:

This way it can be accessed by typing on the browser location (not or https://localhost).

What is B-Translator

The codename B-Translator can be decoded like Bee Translator, since it aims at collecting very small translation contributions from a wide crowd of people and to dilute them into something useful.

It can also be decoded like Be Translator, as an invitation to anybody to give his small contribution for translating programs or making their translations better.



Sites using B-Translator:

To install and setup your site you would need some basic skills on Ubuntu server administration and Drupal administration.

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